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<250 m² > 2500 m²

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0 m² > 500 m²

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<250 m² > 2500 m²

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Um was für einen Grundstückstyp handelt es sich?

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<1 > 15

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<1 > 10

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<1900 > 2022

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Uploading photos or a 15 minute virtual tour of your property will help us understand what makes your property so special.


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An appraiser, the dates you provide and comparable properties nearby will be used to calculate your property.


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Personal conversation

We conduct a free on-site inspection. Possible repairs are reflected in our offer.


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Choose a handover date. You will receive a notarial offer. Payment is made after the due date from the notary on the same day.


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Your safety and peace of mind are more important than ever.

  • "I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want any fuss. It's quick to transfer and ready. For the convenience of what we need, it was totally worth it."

    Beate Wiegand

  • "Very easy process and helpful people. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in selling their property to proptop."

    Günter Horn

  • "Everything was great, from the online valuation to the personal contacts. It really enabled us to have a quick and unplanned move to our dream property."

    Brunhilde Karpfham

  • "The offer was fair. The team that guided me through the process was exceptionally helpful and responsive."

    Eckhard Dörflein

Frequently asked questions

proptop™ is a real estate buyer. It's an easier way to sell your property with less hassle and on a schedule that works for you. If your property is located in a participating city, you can request an offer from proptop™ in just a few steps. Unlike a traditional transaction or sale by owner, your property is never advertised, so you avoid viewings and repairs.

Once you decide on an offer, your personal proptop™ Advisor will work with you throughout the process.

If instead you decide to put your property up for sale, we can put you in touch with a trusted real estate agent who works with proptop™.

There is no cost to request or receive a quote from proptop™. If you decide to sell your property to proptop™, you will receive a notarized purchase offer.

You do not need to sign any agreements or make any commitments to request a quote from proptop™. After submitting an inquiry you can accept the offer and sell your property, hire a real estate agent or choose not to sell at this time. It's up to you.

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