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Would you like to be part of something great? We are looking for born innovators who live and breathe technology and question everything. So, we're hiring engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers, and sales, escrow, and mortgage professionals. Join our mission to contribute and fulfill your potential!


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We know that the dynamic between home and work is more important than ever. And that applies equally to our employees in Germany and in Poland. At proptop™ we take care of each other. In this way, we create an individual workplace in an empathetic and well-thought-out manner, where everyone has a good feeling and is connected to their work and colleagues. Support and flexibility merge — for an optimized personal and professional life. To ensure this, we remain vigilant and responsive. With care, we set work guidelines that protect, promote and keep our employees high-performing.

Be ready for mind-blowing growth

We live in uncertain times that create uncertainty and unrest. What we all need now is stability, reliability and security. This is accurately what properties provide with their high level of resilience. COVID-19 is accelerating the transformation of the real estate industry — away from purely offline experiences and towards hybrid offline and online experiences. That's what the customer wants. We do that. Our approach proves us right: people are now looking for proptop™ rather than “real estate” online. Our company name has long since blossomed into a verb. While proptop™ already forms a unit with the topic of real estate, we are also thinking about how we can serve our customers even better and more securely. There is no doubt that the work you do here is reinventing real estate transactions.

A very well connected and
diverse team

This year has been a transitional period at proptop™ as we evolve into a distributed workforce. Navigating and normalizing remote work, connecting to our teams, and managing our daily lives has taken on new meaning for each of us. It also gives us a greater opportunity to attract a larger talent pool and more career development opportunities for employees that might otherwise not have existed.



“Remote” — employees do not have a fixed workplace in the company, but work from a location of their choice. You just let us know where you are.


“Hybrid” – Employees regularly work around 10 to 80 percent of their time at our headquarters every month. The rest of the time they can work from a remote location of their choice.


“Office” — Employees regularly work about 80 to 100 percent of their time in our headquarters every month.

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